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Hi, welcome to my website.

Well, it’s a week of anticipation and anxiety too.

I’m excited because my project of three years is finally becoming a reality tomorrow but anxious because of self-doubt.  I didn’t do this to make money, but equally I don’t want to waste money as I travel down the self-publishing route.

It was whilst teaching full-time three years ago whilst I was looking for a book to support my class as they transitioned from the Infant to Junior school that a tiny idea started.  Our amazing school librarian, Ben and I searched and searched for a such a book, I even enquired with ‘The Guardian’ Newspaper Booklist section and we found that there were books on starting school but we couldn’t find anything about moving schools.

So, here was where my project began…

My aim here on this website is to catch up on my project journey so far and then share my experiences from now on, oh and of course promote my picture book!

I would love to hear any feedback and welcome both comments and questions.

Best wishes


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