A Summer of Spratly…

IMG_1747Visiting the UK and introducing the book England & Scotland – July & August 2017


It’s  been an interesting summer; trying to balance the entertainment of my own children with the practical and challenging aspects of introducing Don’t Worry, Spratly! to as wide an audience as possible. I was lucky to do two book readings; one in an Infant school, Tenterden Infants, Kent and one in a book shop in Hove. Both added heaps to my learning curve as has indeed the whole process so far!

I took as many copies (120 in fact) as my family and I could fit in to our suitcases to the U.K and and returned with none. I learn’t much along the way including that I’m rubbish at selling my own book! I just find it typically English and awkward to discuss money.

However, apart from the fact that my daughters are now fed up with hearing about Spratly I have managed to spread the word to Edinburgh, Kent and East Sussex with other little pockets of the U.K. being targeted by friends. With delight I discovered it’s the independent book shops that I thought were a dying breed but in fact these are specialised bookshops that are wonderfully buzzing with activity and use and are a real hub of the community. The Book Nook in Hove and the Edinburgh book shop being two amazingly welcoming places. The other places that I was successful in selling copies of my book were in some independent cafes and tea rooms. Sunshine Books, Art and Coffee in Hove was also a hub of the local community; there were pensioners meeting for coffees, middle aged ladies reading novels with a glass of wine and then the extreme of passing tourists visiting for afternoon tea. These owners really wanted to support local artists and provide artisan products that were a bit different to items found in the high street.

I have come to realize that it’s schools and libraries that I need to get in contact with and this is really quite difficult to do as they have their own distributors. This is the next stage of the project for me to focus on and to develop…

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