Display ideas from around the world, based on Spratly!


Further to my posts about making clay fish (see You tube clip and click here.)

We have finally completed the display and I am so thrilled with the children’s accomplishments!

Their clay fish are so different and it was such a lovely activity to start off the school year with.

Some fish have a worry fish attached. Can you spot them?


These allow the children to use an app called Aurasma to show the stop motion video that they made based on the story.

I stopped reading the story before Spratly goes into school on his very first day.  The children used their clay fish to tell what happens next.  It was such a cool project! They then used their iMotion videos to tell the story collaboratively and we typed them up.

Click here to watch the iMotion  img_2045   fullsizerender                                      img_2132


I have started to receive photos of other schools making lovely displays of Spratly, here are a couple…

img_2260 img_2261

Reception class, Waddington All Saints County Primary School, England

Reception, Russet Class, Ryvers School, England

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