So much to do, so little time … Don’t Worry, Spratly!

Why is the beginning of the first term always so busy? The Art room always has so many projects to get going at the beginning of term.  This year is no exception… by the end of the first week you feel like you’ve never been away!

We have got some really exciting projects on going in the Art studio this term… there is a collaborative project between Y 13 students and Y 2 students to create sustainable art installations in our huge hall space.  Sustainability is something that I feel passionately about, it is great that this is one of our school foci this year.

Source: Watch Trailer – Plastic Oceans

We are busy integrating Chinese within our KS1 displays and there is a huge Don’t Worry Spratly! Clay display board in Y 2 which is in the process of going up. It looks really promising so far.  Updated – here is one of the photos!


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