Expressing emotions with Spratly!

In recent months I have been working with some younger children and so have been using Spratly in a different way.  We have discussed feelings and emotions and then designed our own fish using colour.

Abstract art is difficult to make especially with young children but typically abstract art uses colour, form, lines and shape to express an emotion or feeling or subject.

Firstly, we talk about feelings that may be evoked by the story, we link that to our own experiences. The children choose a colour to represent a feeling and then design their own fish.  The fish made are unique and the children use mixed media to decorate their fish. We then use an iPad and an app  (introduced by Cathy Hunt @ ipadartroom) called Mega Photo to create an abstract photo using the kaleidoscopic lens.  The abstract images formed are amazing and really inspire the children.Abstract.jpg

Abstract spratly.png