Feeling Anxious? I was!

Coronavirus seems to have turned everything upside down. Having lived in Singapore and self-isolated with a Toddler in 2003 when SARS was around, in January 2020 when I heard about the new virus in China I began to feel extremely uneasy…

But even, after living in Singapore for 15 years and appreciating the way they took temperature screenings etc., so seriously, it still is difficult to comprehend how suddenly we have come to be in a lock-down in the UK, there’s no testing unless you’re hospitalised and after Singapore it really doesn’t feel enough.

To be honest, the last few weeks I haven’t been sleeping well, feeling that social media sensationalises the news and yet I have to keep reading and staying up to date with what is sadly going on around the world. I feel compelled to be glued to my phone. I guess this is a symptom of anxiety?

I was reminded this evening that ‘Don’t Worry, Spratly!’ might be useful for children who will struggle with making sense of our current situation.  It’s hard enough for adults to comprehend.

Maybe making a worry fish can be helpful to cope with those feelings and be used as a calming strategy? In times of stress, it’s so lovely to embrace the arts.  It gives us time to process and just ‘be’ in that present time.

Will we all come out, the other side, the same people? I’m hoping that with communities pulling together, young supporting old, etc., we will be able to focus on the most important things in life; good health, important friendships and relationships, really appreciating and protecting nature, trust and love.  But for now, just breathe… and make a worry fish.

Stay safe. H x

How to make a frame for a Worry Fish. you will need 2 pipe cleaners… 

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 21.58.48

How to weave a Worry Fish, and a piece of ribbon.

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 21.58.10

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